Daily Inspiration-The Simplicity of Kindness…

The other day a person, who sits in church every Sunday,  told me that they pass the same woman daily on their walk and have chosen not to say hello or even give her a smile.   She appears unfriendly so they have decided that she will never respond and therefore they will never show any kindness to her.

WOW!  Talk about heart issues (and it is always a heart issue!).  I could not help but think that this very woman could probably use a kind word-not a lengthy conversation, just a simple hello or smile.

We see the world imploding

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Daily Inspiration-“A House Divided…”

There is so much division swirling around today in our country and in the world.  We appear divided on every front…race, creed, political proclivity, etc.  I cannot help but think that corporate division manifests as we allow division into our heart and into our individual lives.  It starts with each of us.

If you follow Christ you are called to love one another.  That does not necessarily mean that you will like everyone but you are called to love them.  Seems confusing, doesn’t it?  Let’s go a bit deeper.  This includes loving yourself and those in your own household.


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Daily Inspiration-“Unfollow” the Ways of the World!

Deception is everywhere today.  Pay attention.  Use discernment.  Seek wisdom.  Be honest with yourself and others.  Pursue truth.  Abide in His word.  Read the Bible.  Get it into your heart (for it is always a heart issue).   Walk it out in your life.  Stay ever close under the shadow of His wings.

Follow faithfully His moral code and “unfollow” the ways of the world.

 To be a true disciple of Jesus Christ you cannot have one foot in the Kingdom and one in the world.

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Daily Inspiration-How Do You Respond?

In this life you will not like everyone.  That is OK.  You will not like everything that happens.  That is OK also.  Just remember to be kind and gracious to all you encounter.  Do not let circumstance dictate your response!

For it is written:

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”


Matthew 5:16

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Remember, it is always a heart issue!

“Yet who knows whether you have come

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Daily Inspiration-Do You Carry Extra Weight?

To carry extra weight in the natural is unhealthy.  It can affect your overall health and tax your heart.  To carry extra weight in the spiritual realm is also unhealthy.  And, it is always a heart issue here!

The extra weight of anger, resentment, bitterness, rejection and more can weigh you down so very much and affect your emotional well-being and every relationship in your life.  At the root of most if not all heart issues is the issue of un-forgiveness. If you choose not to forgive others for things said or done in the past, you actually hold your

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Daily Inspiration-“It Is Written!”

When dealing with stage 4 cancer in 1992, I chose to use the Word of God as medicine.  I wrote out and diligently spoke every healing scripture over myself several times a day.  I was persistent and I prefaced each citation with, “It is written.”  When I was too weak to speak all the scriptures, I simply said, “It is written.”  I posted this phrase all over the house so I would see it throughout the day.

I walked through this season alone with God without any support in the natural.  My prognosis in the natural was death.  My firm

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Daily Inspiration-Life Does Not Have to Be Perfect to Be Wonderful! Seek Ye First…

If you are looking for perfection you will be sadly disappointed.  No thing and no person in life is “perfect.”  However, if you are settled in your heart (and it is always a heart issue) you will find life is about as close to perfect as possible.  You will have a peace that surpasses all understanding despite what may be swirling around you at the moment.

Pray without ceasing.  Live holy.  Be responsible.  Put God first and all else will fall into place.   Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful!

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Daily Inspiration-God’s Amazing Healing Grace At Work Today!

I was reading an article about whether people see the glass representing their life as half full or half empty.  Personally, I am happy to have the glass!  It is easy to ruminate on what is missing and miss what is right before you.  Some of the simplest blessings are the most overlooked and taken for granted.

Many years ago I went for an eye exam and the Doctor told me I had to see a surgeon that day or I would instantly go blind.   WOW…not what I expected to hear to say the least.  He was adamant.  They offered

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Daily Inspiration-Are You Battle Ready?

Are you angry about something from the past?  Are you angry about the way negativity in the world is escalating every day?  Do you read and or watch negative things?  Are you edgy and at unrest in your spirit?

Such a large percentage of what may be disquieting, you actually have no control over.  Learning to step away and release such things is imperative in this season.  One such area is the news.  Do you follow the news closely?  Most of it is negative.  So guess what?  What is going into your mind and spirit and heart (for it is

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Daily Inspiration-Looking for Healing?

At His last Passover supper on the night before His crucifixion, Jesus established communion for all who follow Him.  Communion calls to mind the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  My Pastor told me decades ago that communion is most powerful and healing.

Yet, within the body of Christ today many denominations and non-denominations limit the opportunity to receive communion to annually, quarterly, monthly, etc.  Although Jesus never stipulated an exact time frame to receive, He did say, “…as often as …” in 1 Corinthians 11:25b.

I attended a funeral not too long ago in a church where the

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