Daily Inspiration-Turn It Off!

When sharing a meal with someone, turn off your phone.  They are sharing minutes of their life with you…minutes they can never get back.  Honor that gift with your presence.

To be present in the moment is to be open to let the Lord work through you all and edify, encourage and grow each through conversation and companionship.

Too often I observe people in restaurants so engrossed in their cell phones that they never even acknowledge those at the table.   Entire families sit at their tables, each on their phone. It would be cheaper to stay home and ignore each

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Daily Inspiration-The Challenge of Respect…

We are each unique.  Choose to respect each other’s individuality. Do not attack someone simply because they do not speak, dress, or look just like you.  Respect their individuality as you would want them to respect yours.

 Challenge yourself to stay on the narrow road of integrity.   Challenge yourself to take the high road with every opportunity.  Stay focused on what God has for you and where He is leading you rather than looking at and judging another.   As much as possible, live in peace with one another.

For it is written:

 “Judge not, and you shall not be judged.

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Short Takes…


Dear Warriors,

For those of you who are not on certain Social Media sites, I publish “Short Takes” every day.   Below are the takes for last week.  Also are included links to short posts “From the Archives of Esther’s Warriors Ministry.”   I pray they bless you  and keep you striving toward a full Kingdom walk ‘for such a time as this!’

God Bless,


How’s your “love walk?”  It is never too late to turn it around.  Start today!  🙂

Bottom Line:  “Love one another as I have loved you.”  Love,  Jesus

It is never too late to say you

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Daily Inspiration-Which “Whosoever” Are You?

For it is written:

“Then said Jesus to His disciples, “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.  For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it.”

Matthew 16:24-25

This scripture trips up many because they want to live with one foot in the Kingdom of God and one still in the world.  To truly follow Jesus you have to completely turn your life and all it entails over to Him.  Many can verbally express that Jesus

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Daily Inspiration-Keep Your Life Simple!

You know those people who get all involved in other people’s lives and business?  Decide not to be that person.  Keep your life simple.  Focus on your own walk and that of those you are responsible to lead and guide.  Leave the rest to God for only He fully sees their heart, motives and situation.

You only see an infinitesimal portion of any situation.  To think you know it all from that very narrow vantage point is to operate from a perspective of pride at its fullest.  Stay out of it.  Judge not.  Work out your own salvation!

For it

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Daily Inspiration-The Choice is Yours!

In reading 2 Corinthians today about Paul’s thorn in the flesh some things occurred to me. Much speculation has been made over the centuries about what his thorn may have been but all you really need to know is that something challenged him ‘in the flesh’ that God did not remove.  He asked God to take it  away three times.  I often marveled that he only asked three times.  How often do you ask for a challenge to be removed from your life?  I know I certainly exceed the three time pattern or request concerning the challenges in my life!

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Daily Inspiration-Love Is…

What does love mean to you?  Love is…[fill in the blank].  I am sure it means something different to each of us, yet at the core love is simply love. Volumes could be and have been written about love so what I will share is just a snapshot.

   In looking up definitions of love I found almost a total inclusion of sexual attraction.  So you could deduce that in the world love is often confused with lust.  Of course in a committed marital relationship sex is a component but it surely is not the total take.  Loving someone in a

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Daily Inspiration-What Do You Harbor?

Never underestimate what someone else carries.  You only see an infinitesimal snapshot of what is their life and what are their challenges.  Plus, you see what you see through your own filter which is skewed by your own life experiences.

It is always a heart issue.  What do you harbor deep in the recesses of your heart?  What is in your heart will determine how you perceive your world and the world of another.  If you harbor bitterness, rejection, anger, unforgiveness and the like, you will see all things through a negative lens.  You will operate from a place of

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Daily Inspiration-Heard Something Juicy About Someone Else Lately?

Sometimes as you continue to journey with the Lord, He will reveal something to you about someone.  First of all, test the spirit to make sure it is the Holy Spirit and not some divisive spirit just trying to stir things up.  Never forget that the enemy roams around just looking for a way to trip you up and eliminate you from your Kingdom assignment! 

Second, keep the information to yourself.  Do not share it with anyone else to include the person about whom you may have had this revelation.  Most often you are simply to pray for that person.

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Daily Inspiration-It Is Never Too Late!

Over the last two weeks several people in my life have passed away.  Whether expected or suddenly, death is so very final.  There are no more conversations. There are no more connections.

You never know the time that you or another will pass away.  Pettiness, anger, resentment, bitterness and the like are such a waste of your time.  They are a detriment to your heart (and it is always a heart issue).  If you have any unsettled issues with someone, do your best, within reason, to bring resolution.  If that is not possible person to person then clear your own

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