God’s Word Trumps the Voluminous Doctrine of Man!

 At a Christmas gathering someone asked me if I thought that the Pastor’s speaking ability was what would lead me to go to a given church.  My response was that it matters not where you sit on Sunday but rather where you sit daily.  A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what should lead you.  Sitting at His feet daily and choosing to let Him lead you is the key.  Then, wherever you may go on Sunday Christ is with you and in that place.

Of course a Spirit lead church leadership is critical, especially in these times.   A solid

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Daily Inspiration-How Is Your Thought Pattern?

Do you ever find yourself in a situation that leads you to spiral down a negative path in your mind?  Do your thoughts swirl so swiftly that you can relate to the term, “head spinning?”  You may even find yourself directing all your undesirable energy toward a person whom you feel to be responsible for the situation or irresponsible in their part in it.  Often, this can lead to full blown anxiety.

Does any of this sound familiar?  I know that I can quite easily go down a path of rumination at such a rapid pace that I am not

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Daily Inspiration-Are You Battle Ready?

Are you angry about something from the past?  Are you angry about the way negativity in the world is escalating every day?  Do you read and or watch negative things?  Are you edgy and at unrest in your spirit?

Such a large percentage of what may be disquieting, you actually have no control over.  Learning to step away and release such things is imperative in this season.  One such area is the news.  Do you follow the news closely?  Most of it is negative.  So guess what?  What is going into your mind and spirit and heart (for it is

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Daily Inspiration-Only A Heartbeat Away…

Do you ever feel you will never see the light of day?  Circumstances can readily overwhelm even the strongest among us.  Never lose hope for the dawn will come.  Things will shift.  

Stay ever close in your relationship with the Lord.  Consistently pray a mighty hedge of protection around yourself, your loved ones and your relationship with God.  Consistently put on the whole armor of God, praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit for others.  Plead the blood of Jesus over all you

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Daily Inspiration-Choose Wisely Before You Engage!

Do not step into battles you are not meant to fight.  For in so doing you can be taken out if wounded in those superfluous battles.  Choose wisely before you engage.  There are some battles you are called to but certainly not every single skirmish that presents itself.

Walk away from all disruptive spirits and situations to which you are not called.  For with each such encounter you lose a piece of yourself.  Your joy and peace are chipped away.  Your heart corrodes (for it is always a heart issue) while doing little to theirs for that is where they

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Advent…Now It Begins!

advent 025

Walk Through Advent

With Peace, Hope, Joy and Love!

This week marks the beginning of the Advent season.  Derived from the Latin word adventus which means coming, the next weeks are spent in anticipation of commemoration of the birth of the Messiah.  As Christians we also wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ to earth.

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God Bless Our Veterans on Veteran’s Day and Always!

Veteran's DayLet Us Support Our Veterans

Every Day!

Tomorrow we celebrate Veteran’s Day in the United States of America.  This day is set aside to honor those who have served and continue to serve in our Armed Forces to keep us free.  The freedoms that we currently enjoy on a daily basis are ours because of their sacrifices.  Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice of their life, others have lost limbs and still others have scars not readily visible.

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When Storm Clouds Loom in Life

storm clouds

The Power of the Lord Breaks

Every Stronghold!

Today marks the official beginning of the autumn season.  Autumn signifies the end of summer.  It marks conclusion with an eye toward winter when much seemingly lies dormant.  It is a time of turning inward.  Crops are harvested and brought in for consuming and storing for sustenance in the months ahead.  This is also a time of gathering storm clouds and fall weather threats.  We have been witnessing the ravaging floods in Colorado and other natural devastation brought on by changing weather patterns.

Can You See the Clouds?

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Will You Stand or “Stand Down?”


We Are Responsible

To Keep America Free

I wish a most Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in our lives.  Whether a birth mother, foster mom, adoptive mom, spiritual mom or one who simply ‘mothers’ those in her life, may this be a day blessed with love and peace.

This Week In The News:

0 The IRS has been targeting tax exempt conservative political tax returns since 2011.  The implications of this are far reaching.  This same IRS will be the primary enforcer of Obamacare.  This agency will be charged with determining whether or not you have ‘qualifying’ health … Read the rest

Where Is Your Armor?

Swim Through Life Protected

Maintain Your Armor Daily

Swim Through Life Protected

My friend sent me this picture of his “Nemo” fish swimming near his anemone.  My first impression without knowing anything about the fish or the anemone was to think of the armor of God.  In researching this week I found out the most interesting things about little “Nemo” and his anemone.

Check Your Relationships

This fish is a clown anemone fish. They are bright orange as you can see.  The three distinct white bands are balanced on their body and hedged in with thin black lines.  I could not help but think … Read the rest