Daily Inspiration-The Simplicity of Kindness…

The other day a person, who sits in church every Sunday,  told me that they pass the same woman daily on their walk and have chosen not to say hello or even give her a smile.   She appears unfriendly so they have decided that she will never respond and therefore they will never show any kindness to her.

WOW!  Talk about heart issues (and it is always a heart issue!).  I could not help but think that this very woman could probably use a kind word-not a lengthy conversation, just a simple hello or smile.

We see the world imploding

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Daily Inspiration-Do Not Offend-Mend!

Do Not Offend-Mend! 

There is so much offense and division today on every level.  Division is a burgeoning split that threatens our homes, our relationships, our communities, our country and the world.  Most importantly, a divisive spirit can reside in your heart, for in the end, it is always a heart issue.

As followers of Jesus Christ we are called to “love one another.”  This may sound easy enough at face value.  But sadly, if you follow the news today it is hard to see this being played out.  Do not let what is going on around you be discouraging. 

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Daily Inspiration-You Know Not the Time-RIP Salvatore Scotto

Last week I attended the funeral of a wonderful husband and father who had blessed our community for decades with his culinary skills and gracious presence.  My heart broke for the family he left behind and for all who loved him.  I so enjoyed watching he and his wife, the “love of his life,” Josephine, look at each other across the room at their restaurant. Even after 32 years together their love for each other was so very evident.  There are no words to describe the effect of his sudden unexpected death.

 Life is so very precious.  There are no

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