Daily Inspiration-“A House Divided…”

There is so much division swirling around today in our country and in the world.  We appear divided on every front…race, creed, political proclivity, etc.  I cannot help but think that corporate division manifests as we allow division into our heart and into our individual lives.  It starts with each of us.

If you follow Christ you are called to love one another.  That does not necessarily mean that you will like everyone but you are called to love them.  Seems confusing, doesn’t it?  Let’s go a bit deeper.  This includes loving yourself and those in your own household.


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Daily Inspiration-“Unfollow” the Ways of the World!

Deception is everywhere today.  Pay attention.  Use discernment.  Seek wisdom.  Be honest with yourself and others.  Pursue truth.  Abide in His word.  Read the Bible.  Get it into your heart (for it is always a heart issue).   Walk it out in your life.  Stay ever close under the shadow of His wings.

Follow faithfully His moral code and “unfollow” the ways of the world.

 To be a true disciple of Jesus Christ you cannot have one foot in the Kingdom and one in the world.

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Daily Inspiration-Do Not Be Deceived!

If you find someone has lied to you, know that you cannot trust them.  The size of the lie is really insignificant.  If they lie…they lie.  Your choice is whether or not you want to stay in close relationship with a liar.

For it is written:

“Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

1 Corinthians 15:33

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Remember, it is always a heart issue!

“Yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?”

Esther 4:14





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Daily Inspiration-Are You Tossed To and Fro?

Some people live as whirlwinds going from one thing to another with little stability.  They toss to and fro depending on the latest thing they hear.  Engaging with them long term can lead to frustration as they never really mature beyond a childish pursuit without wisdom. Remember, maturity is not necessarily measured by the number of years on lived earth!

Seek wisdom in this season for you are not here by chance.  You are here “for such a time as this.”  Whether or

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Daily Inspiration-“A Table in the Wilderness”

In reading the Psalms this weekend I came across Psalm 78:9 which says that: “The children of Ephraim, being armed and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle.”  They walked away from God’s covenant and His law.  Further, they forgot all that He had done in the past for them.

I could not help but think how often do we, “turn back in the day of battle?”  These were God’s people who were equipped.  If you have chosen to follow Jesus Christ, you are also a part of God’s people, His Army, which is fully equipped.

What battle

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Daily Inspiration-Do You Carry Extra Weight?

To carry extra weight in the natural is unhealthy.  It can affect your overall health and tax your heart.  To carry extra weight in the spiritual realm is also unhealthy.  And, it is always a heart issue here!

The extra weight of anger, resentment, bitterness, rejection and more can weigh you down so very much and affect your emotional well-being and every relationship in your life.  At the root of most if not all heart issues is the issue of un-forgiveness. If you choose not to forgive others for things said or done in the past, you actually hold your

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Daily Inspiration-Do You Want It “All?”

The promises of God are yes and amen to those who live according to His Word.  If you are looking for His “all,” check your walk with Him.  Are you giving it your “all?”

If you have committed to Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life, you are established, anointed and sealed unto Him.  He paid a mighty cost for you to be set free.  He paid a mighty cost for your eternal salvation and you incur a cost to follow Him.  The cost is this: you trade life in the world for life in the Kingdom of God.

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Daily Inspiration-“It Is Written!”

When dealing with stage 4 cancer in 1992, I chose to use the Word of God as medicine.  I wrote out and diligently spoke every healing scripture over myself several times a day.  I was persistent and I prefaced each citation with, “It is written.”  When I was too weak to speak all the scriptures, I simply said, “It is written.”  I posted this phrase all over the house so I would see it throughout the day.

I walked through this season alone with God without any support in the natural.  My prognosis in the natural was death.  My firm

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Daily Inspiration-Who Leads You?

  Are you in a situation where you are not sure what next step to take?  Sometimes, after you have diligently prayed about something and have heard God’s still small voice beckoning you to go further, you just need to step out in faith despite what you may feel in the natural.  You will know in your heart (for it is always a heart issue).  You will know that you know that you know even if in the natural it may appear completely impossible or at the very least highly improbable.

 Kingdom living stretches you.  Stepping out in faith…stepping out in

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Daily Inspiration-“Accentuate the Positive!”

When you live with thanksgiving every day despite circumstances, your life will change.  You will literally rewire your brain to grow new pathways that are positive.  Negativity and toxicity will begin to feel so uncomfortable that you will no longer entertain such or want to be around it.

Start today.  Walk away from negativity.  Walk away from toxic people and situations.  Walk away.

Make a strategic choice today to be thankful for all that you do have and for all those God has placed in your life.  

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