Daily Inspiration-Who Leads You?

  Are you in a situation where you are not sure what next step to take?  Sometimes, after you have diligently prayed about something and have heard God’s still small voice beckoning you to go further, you just need to step out in faith despite what you may feel in the natural.  You will know in your heart (for it is always a heart issue).  You will know that you know that you know even if in the natural it may appear completely impossible or at the very least highly improbable.

 Kingdom living stretches you.  Stepping out in faith…stepping out in

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Daily Inspiration-It Really Is Always A Heart Issue!

It is amazing how God can work in your life if you just let Him.  He will open doors no man can open and close doors no man can close.  He will connect you with just the right people to enhance your journey in Him and His work through you.

Are you weary?  Does life have you down?   Are you looking for a change but do not know where to go from here?

Make the decision today to establish or re-establish a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Even if you have followed Him for many years, there may still be a

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Daily Inspiration-Do Not Take the Bait!

Have you noticed how frenetic the world is becoming?  You can readily see it in listening to the news.  You can readily see it in your own little corner of the world.

People seem more divisive than ever before.  It appears that we have lost the ability to listen to one another with an open heart (and it is always a heart issue).  You may not agree with someone on any given issue but that does not mean that you cannot respectfully discuss.  I like to hear another person’s perspective because it is through listening that I can learn not

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Daily Inspiration-Only A Heartbeat Away…

Do you ever feel you will never see the light of day?  Circumstances can readily overwhelm even the strongest among us.  Never lose hope for the dawn will come.  Things will shift.  

Stay ever close in your relationship with the Lord.  Consistently pray a mighty hedge of protection around yourself, your loved ones and your relationship with God.  Consistently put on the whole armor of God, praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit for others.  Plead the blood of Jesus over all you

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Daily Inspiration-Who Are You?

Once you know who you are in Christ, no one can manipulate you! 

If you do not know, purpose today to diligently seek Him.  He stands at the door of your heart (for it is always a heart issue) and knocks.  Listen for His still small voice.  Open the door and let Him into your life.  If you choose to do this and truly follow Him, your life will never be the same.

So many choose not to follow Jesus as they fear their

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Daily Inspiration-Who Limits You?

Do not limit yourself within the confines of what you may know to be comfortable.  Often a comfort zone is anything but comfortable in the end.  Sometimes a new horizon can shift you into an expanded, wider place.  Do not limit yourself and do not let anyone else limit you.

I am not saying to forsake responsibilities.  What I am saying is to reevaluate your life and if you know you are called to more, then pursue that. To remain in the narrow confines of your own or someone else’s limitations is to severely diminish your life potential.

We are

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Daily Inspiration-This Moment

This moment is all that is really guaranteed.  Make the most of it for this moment well lived builds upon the next and creates a blessed life.  Build a life that places the welfare of others above self-serving desires.

 Cherish those relationships with which you are blessed.  Let your friends and loved ones know how much you appreciate them.  Life is certainly challenging. Never miss an opportunity to bless someone. Take the time to pick up the phone and actually share conversation no matter how long it may have been.    Sadly, we have reduced relationship to texts and social media

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Daily Inspiration-The Virtue of Character

If you make a mistake, own it.  If you should make reparations, make them.  Integrity is a vanishing character quality.  Be of good character.  Have integrity.  Cherish what is of good report.

For it is written:

 “…as that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.  For by these He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world

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