December, 7, 1941-“A Day That Will Live In Infamy”

Photo from ABC 7 Chicago

  Today marks the 76th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Over 2,400 lost their lives.  Many others were wounded.  The attack on Battleship Row marked the beginning of WWII.

The sacrifices our military and their families make are inconceivable.  Throughout our history our Veterans have given much for our freedom.  All gave some.  Some gave all.  On this day which will live in infamy, take a moment to pray for our Veterans and all who serve today to keep us free.  Pray for their families.

Pray for this great Nation, the United

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#Pray for America-My Peace I Give You


His Peace is Not as the World Gives

It is Sacred for You Alone

As we enter the second week of Advent, let His peace reign in your heart (for it is always a heart issue).  Each week of Advent is marked by a concept to focus on during the week.  The first week is Hope.  Last week we discussed how to keep Jesus the center of your life despite what is going on around you.  He is your hope.  This week, we seek His peace.

Traverse Loss with His Peace

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Choose the Light of Life!


This week our Jewish brothers and sisters are celebrating Hanukkah, the festival of lights.  When the Israelites recaptured their temple from the Syrian Greeks around 300 B.C. they recovered a single vial of oil.  This could provide light for one day and night yet when lit it continued to shine for eight.  A miracle to be sure.

Light or Dark?

As Christians we know Jesus is the light of the world.  His light shines before all men all the time.  He says, “I am the light of the world.  He who follows Me shall not walk Read the rest