Daily Inspiration-Choose Wisely!

The change in your life begins with you.  Take an inventory.  Release what no longer serves your God given vision.  Add what will enhance and grow your life in a positive direction.  You only pass this way but once.  Be quite selective about whom you invite to make this journey with you. Not everyone can go forward with you to where God is taking you now.

Let the old fall away as He directs.  Some are in your life simply for a season.  Do not hold tight to what or whom He may be releasing from your journey.  Move forward. 

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Ever Feel You Are Pushing Yourself “Up the Down Staircase?”

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Keep Pressing Upward

The Narrow Path is Life!

People from around the world are coming together today to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  In Esther’s Warriors we commit to pray daily for peace in Israel.  Today hold Jerusalem in your prayers and heart as untold prayers come together for peace.   In this season committed focused prayer is critical.

Going Up or Down?

Do you ever feel you are pressing to go up a steep narrowing staircase while seemingly throngs of others are on their way down to the wider, easier to navigate steps?  Does the climb seem unrelenting with … Read the rest