Daily Inspiration-Are You Living In Abundance?


Are you living in abundance?  Jesus came to give you life more abundantly.  Sadly, many think this simply means the abundance of earthly things such as money, big cars, fame, a big house or material things.

The abundance He speaks of includes the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which produces the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.  The abundance He speaks of softens your heart (for it is always a heart issue) and lets His compassion flow through you to others.  His abundance is most notable in being able to rest in His peace despite what is

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Daily Inspiration-Arise in 2017!


To ruminate over past transgressions

Whether real or imagined

Will keep you stuck in worldly negativity.

Maturity brings wisdom and discernment

To rise above situations and

Bring the compassion and love of Christ

To each circumstance.

Determine not

To carry negative and unhealthy

Thought patterns and reactions.

To walk without getting entangled

In the drama of life events

Brings abundant life.

Know that God has you covered.

He never wants you to remain the same.

His call is to come up higher.


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Daily Inspiration-True Wealth!


It is not what you own

That makes you rich.

It is what you hold in your heart

That can give you wealth beyond measure.

Abundance of the heart

Can never be taken from you.

Find Jesus

And live the abundant life

He promises!

SEEK: Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused! ©

Remember, it is always a heart issue!


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Do Not Trip Over Your Baggage

Do Not Trip

Are You Over the Limit on Your Baggage

Or Have Just Enough for Daily Carry-On?

Have you noticed that over the years you are charged more and more for bringing excess baggage on your journey?  Have you seen travelers feverishly trying to jam more baggage into carry-on compartments?  Perhaps you yourself have attempted to lug excess baggage with you from location to location.  Not only is it costly but all that extra weight is quite cumbersome.

The Clutter of Things

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Do You Flow in Abundance or Lack?


Fruits of Summer


We are in the time of summer harvest of fruits and vegetables to grace our tables with fresh food.  A favored fruit is the watermelon with its rich color and succulent sweet taste.  Watermelon is a welcome addition to many summer gatherings.  Young and old alike enjoy this tasty treat on a hot summer day.

What Do You See?

When looking at this plate of watermelon I could not help but think of the abundance of summer.  Does your life reflect abundance or lack?  Do you see through a lens of more than enough or never … Read the rest