“For Such a Time as This!” Esther 4:14 – Arise…Stand Therefore!

“For Such a Time as This!”

Esther 4:14

In reading Psalms the other day I read that “fretting” causes harm.  I immediately thought of how Jesus tells us not to worry. Worry is synonymous with anxiety and fear.

Countless studies have shown that to live in a state of chronic stress or worry is most detrimental to your health on all levels.  Mentally and emotionally it leads to depression.  Physically is causes disease to include heart disease, cancer, etc.  Spiritually, it keeps you far from God.

Think about it.  If you are steeped in worry and all of its components

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Daily Inspiration-Whose Word Do You Believe?


If you are standing on God’s Word for something do not mix His Word with the words of man.

They are incongruent and do not achieve the same end.

God’s Word is true and very different from the fact based words of man.

Choose the Word you follow, speak and believe very carefully in this season!

“Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt…it will be done. And all things, whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” 


Matthew 21:21-22  

Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused! ©

Remember, it is always

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Daily Inspiration-The Sway of Man


In the times we are living

Many fall away from the truth.

What is right is wrong

And what is wrong is right

In their eyes.

Do not be deceived by

The sway of man.


Hold fast to

The Word of God.

It is always right and true.

Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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Do You Have ‘Crazy Faith’ or Foolish Faith?


Opt for ‘Crazy Faith’

Over Foolish Faith

Conversations about faith abound in Christian circles.  How much faith, if any, do you have?  Is your faith circumstantially based?   Do you express great faith until life throws you a curve?  As disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to have faith.  God gives each of us a measure of faith.  How is your measure doing?

Things are moving so fast.   We truly are pressed on all sides.  Jesus said there would be tribulation in this world and there certainly is today.  If you watch the news, read the paper or just watch … Read the rest

Welcome to the Spirit Spa!

Spirit Spa

Your Personal Invitation

Come Wash in the Word!

In January every year many Christians and churches take the first weeks to fast and pray.  Recommitting to reading the Bible daily is also high on the list of January commitments.  When looking at the Precious Moments figurine pictured above I could not help but think of the importance of reading the Word of God every day.  It is truly as you ‘wash in the Word’ that you come forth refreshed to face your day!

What Is Required?

 To develop a personal relationship with the Lord involves reading and studying His Word.  … Read the rest

Are You Beset?


What Are You Seeking

That Seems Impossible?

I was reading Psalm 55:5 this week and was taken with the word beset in the King James Version translation.  To be beset is to be overwhelmed, plagued, tormented, and hemmed in on all sides.  There are surely times in life that you can feel beset.  Illness, relationship problems, employment challenges or financial trials can beset the best of us.

Whatever may seem foreboding in your life today, stop and look back over other challenging times in your journey.  God brought you through those times and He is faithful to bring you through … Read the rest

Is Your Vision Clear or Cloudy?

vision 2

Stay Focused on the Things of God

Not on Things of the World!

Greetings as we enter the last week of October, 2013!  Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in a whirlwind of gatherings with friends and family.  Sadly, this season can become one of extreme materialism and acquisition fatigue.  Set your sights now to stay focused on what is important to safeguard yourself in the next few months.

Which Window Do You See Through?

I am preparing to have new replacement windows put in my home tomorrow.   I looked at the window pictured above and could not … Read the rest