Daily Inspiration-Fractured Through Life Experiences?

Differences can divide.  If your heart has been fractured through life experiences, you may see only division in difference. In the end, it is always a heart issue.

Perhaps look at differences as opportunities to learn to respect another even if not just like you.  After all, wouldn’t life be really boring if we were all the same?  Open your heart.  Change your attitude to one of unity despite difference.

Let the Lord heal your wounds.  He is faithful to rescue and protect those who acknowledge Him.  Allow God’s grace to wash over you and heal every broken place.  

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Daily Inspiration-A Gift Beyond Measure


If you have a friend

You can count on

Through thick and thin,

Consider yourself


In these times

Of much division,

The unity of friendship

Is a gift

Beyond measure.

SEEK:  Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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The Great Divide

Division Breaks God's Heart 1

A House Divided Will Not Stand

Have you noticed how much division is swirling around the atmosphere these days?  You expect the world to be divisional, don’t you?  The world is manipulated by the enemy so strife and division are expected.  But, the body of Christ, if truly submitted to the Lord, would not be operating under divisional spirits.  Instead, the Holy Spirit would be affecting the atmosphere in each individual heart (it is always a heart issue) and circumcising each heart to beat more in accord with the Savior’s heart.  As individual healed hearts come together in the fullness … Read the rest

What Do You See?

The Healing Dandelion

Do You Only See On The Surface?

Look To The Depth For Beauty And Healing

How wonderful to be starting May and looking forward to summer gatherings with family and friends.  Flowers are blooming with abandon in my gardens.  The colors are stunningly intense.  I am at awe at what God does with His spring palette.  Take some time to look at a flower and see how it is intricately fashioned.  Many different hues can make up a single bloom and each one is different from the rest.  The majesty of God is surely visible in the garden!

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