Daily Inspiration-Tetelestai-It Is Finished!


Today is Good Friday.

We commemorate Jesus Christ’s passion and death on the cross for the salvation of mankind.

He came for you.

He suffered for you.

He died for you.

If you were the only one, He still would have come.

Whatever your life may hold, whether good, bad or indifferent, give it to Him.

He knows your suffering.

He understands your pain.

He rejoices in your happiness.

He loves you with an everlasting love.

Whatever may have gone before; whatever you may have done or failed to do; turn it all over to Him now.

With heartfelt repentance,

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Daily Inspiration-A Life Change!


Many come home for Christmas

From college and places far and wide

To celebrate with family and friends.

As you sit at your table,

Please pray in thanksgiving

For all you have.

Please pray for all those less fortunate;

Those who are alone;

Persecuted Christians worldwide;

For all our service men and women and their families;

Those families that have been shattered by terrorist attacks around the world.

It can be easy to take holiday traditions

For granted.

The only real assurance is

the salvation offered by Jesus Christ.

Receive Him this Christmas.

 Let Him change your life!

SEEK: Stay

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Daily Inspiration-Eternal Certainty In An Uncertain World


We live in such an uncertain world today.

The only certainty

Can be found

In Jesus Christ.

Seek Him

While there is still time.

His salvation

Is eternal.

SEEK:  Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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The Hope of Advent



Hold Onto the Prince of Peace Evermore

I wish you a most blessed second week of Advent!  Praying you are successful in ‘being the peace’ in your world.  It is not always easy but with intention you can live in the peace Jesus died to give you.  Live with purpose seeking first the Kingdom of God and all will be added unto you.  Keep His peace in your heart (for it is always a heart issue) throughout the year and it will emanate to those around you.

What is Your Hope?

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God Bless Our Veterans on Veteran’s Day and Always!

Veteran's DayLet Us Support Our Veterans

Every Day!

Tomorrow we celebrate Veteran’s Day in the United States of America.  This day is set aside to honor those who have served and continue to serve in our Armed Forces to keep us free.  The freedoms that we currently enjoy on a daily basis are ours because of their sacrifices.  Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice of their life, others have lost limbs and still others have scars not readily visible.

The war has not ended for countless men and women who have returned home with daily trials we cannot begin to imagine … Read the rest

Whose Salvation Are You Working Out?


Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s, grandmothers, spiritual mothers and all the women God uses to touch someone’s life in a positive ‘mom’ way.  Take a moment today to pray for all women that the Lord would strengthen them and draw them close to Him for the peace that only true salvation can bring.    “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.” (Isaiah 66:13a)  Pray that women find that comfort as they work to provide for their families whether natural or extended.  Pray for those whose moms have gone home to be with the … Read the rest