“For Such a Time as This!” Esther 4:14 – Arise…Stand Therefore!

“For Such a Time as This!”

Esther 4:14

In reading Psalms the other day I read that “fretting” causes harm.  I immediately thought of how Jesus tells us not to worry. Worry is synonymous with anxiety and fear.

Countless studies have shown that to live in a state of chronic stress or worry is most detrimental to your health on all levels.  Mentally and emotionally it leads to depression.  Physically is causes disease to include heart disease, cancer, etc.  Spiritually, it keeps you far from God.

Think about it.  If you are steeped in worry and all of its components

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Daily Inspiration-Are You Battle Ready?

Are you angry about something from the past?  Are you angry about the way negativity in the world is escalating every day?  Do you read and or watch negative things?  Are you edgy and at unrest in your spirit?

Such a large percentage of what may be disquieting, you actually have no control over.  Learning to step away and release such things is imperative in this season.  One such area is the news.  Do you follow the news closely?  Most of it is negative.  So guess what?  What is going into your mind and spirit and heart (for it is

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Are You Set To Shine in 2016?


Do You Have Your Word

And Direction for 2016?

As we close out the first month of this new year of 2016, look over the last four weeks of preparation.  Prayer and worship, time in the Word, time alone in relationship with Jesus and a firm belief without doubt are the areas we covered.  Each one is important in its own right.  Together they create a firm foundation upon which to build your coming year.

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2016 Strategy-Include Prayer


Enter 2016

With a Prayerful Heart

Are you setting resolutions for the year during this first month of 2016?  Are they focused around weight management, better financial stewardship, and other life issues that you plan to do better with in this New Year?  Do you have a plan for your spiritual life?  Are there some changes you hope to make this year to go deeper with the Lord?  Many choose to pray and fast at the beginning of the year.  Hearing from God during such a time is critical to be able to follow His direction throughout the year.


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