Daily Inspiration-Peace Lies In Relationship


Religion in and of itself brings little peace to the weary soul journeying through this world.

Relationship with Jesus, on the other hand, is a total game changer.

For it is written:

“Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”


Matthew 11:28-30

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Revolutionize Your New Year’s Resolutions!


Blessings this second Sunday in January!  Have you honed in on what tone you are setting for 2013 during this first month?  The first month is so important as it is full of promise and expectation for the coming year.  Don’t just ‘resolutionize’ your plan with time worn resolutions you have never kept.  This year ‘revolutionize’ your focus.  Establish and set a Kingdom-centered plan for 2013 that will shift you from worldly drudgery to Godly unction.

Temple Maintenance

Am I saying not to set any goals to maintain a healthy weight, get enough sleep and exercise regularly?  … Read the rest

A Guaranteed Weight Loss Program


Blessings as we move into the first month of 2013.  January marks the first fruits of the year.  How we begin this year will affect the next eleven months. What is your plan?  What is your vision?  Where does God fit in your life this year?

Do You Need to Lose Weight?

The number one New Year resolution is weight loss.  Usually by the end of the first month most have abandoned this lofty goal.  Consider a different kind of weight loss:  the weight of the world.  What if you could lose the weight of every day … Read the rest

Who Sits at Your Thanksgiving Table?


Greetings as we enter Thanksgiving week!  It is hard to believe that we are swiftly moving into the holiday season for 2012.  First and foremost please keep in prayer all still struggling with the devastation from hurricane Sandy, those without shelter, those alone and without family and those serving our country that will not be home this holiday season.  It is easy to focus on our own life and forget that many walk alone during the holidays.  Others are burdened by great hardship that is more readily apparent during this season.  Do what you can to lighten … Read the rest

Wherein Lies Your Allegiance?


As we are just a little over two weeks from the Presidential election we need to continue to pray without ceasing for the candidates, the people voting and the outcome.  This election will determine the direction our country will go in the future.  It is perhaps the most critical election of our lifetime with major implications both in the natural and from a spiritual perspective.  I happened to catch a news clip in which Gov. Romney was speaking about his vision for America.  I could not help but think of God’s words to Habakkuk in 2:2, “Write … Read the rest

Free Book Giveaway!

Go to goodreads.com, put the book title, “…And I Will Heal Their Land,” in the search bar, press enter, scroll down the book information and click the ‘enter to win’ button. This offer ends 10/22/12 so hurry!

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Does Your Heart Beat With Unity Or Division?


If you had a chance to watch the Vice Presidential debate this past week you would have observed VP Joe Biden’s demeanor as disruptive, condescending, dismissive, and downright rude. Romans 16:17 tells us, “Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them.”  At no other time in our history as a Nation have we had such divisive rhetoric as we have with this administration.  Attempts to divide us across racial, economic and class lines have fractured our country internally and our strength as a … Read the rest

The Facets of Fellowship


Many of us will have the luxury of a long weekend this week as our country celebrates Columbus Day.  It is also Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  I could not help but think how thankful we should be to live in this great Nation.  How often do you really stop and thank God that you live in the bastion of freedom?  Freedom is our heritage.  May God hear from heaven and heal our land that we will remain the city on the hill in the world landscape!

The Pattern for Fellowship

I have been a part of many … Read the rest

Does Your Platform Include God?


Blessings!  I pray this finds you well and prospering.  There are so many throughout our Nation who are challenged by extreme weather conditions and the resultant aftermath.  Please pray for all who are recovering from the ravages of hurricane Isaac, wildfires in the West and tornadoes in the Northeast.  Many remain without electricity, clean water and some have lost their homes.  This is a season we must to come together to help those in need to rebuild their lives.

Must We Vote to Include God?

Last week I stated that our Father’s house is under attack.  This … Read the rest

The Essence of Labor Day is Work…We Did Build This Nation!


I wish you a blessed Labor Day weekend.  May you enjoy the time with
family and friends but also remember what we are commemorating on Monday.  Established in 1894 as a Federal holiday, the intent of Labor Day is to honor the economic and social achievements and contributions of American workers to the strength, well-being and prosperity of America.

A strong work ethic and a fair wage for a day’s work lie deep in the fabric of our country.  Although not without challenges throughout our history, the American worker believes that having a job is a necessary … Read the rest