Daily Inspiration-Peace Lies In Relationship


Religion in and of itself brings little peace to the weary soul journeying through this world.

Relationship with Jesus, on the other hand, is a total game changer.

For it is written:

“Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”


Matthew 11:28-30

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Daily Inspiration-Reduced to Electronic Transmission?


Have you allowed your relationships

To be reduced to electronic transmission?

Does a text here, an email there

Constitute relationship?

It is sad how far we have journeyed

Away from each other.

Spend some quality, uninterrupted time

With a friend.

In the end,

It is the people that make life

Worth living.

Let the people in your life know their

Worth to you.

Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused! ©

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Daily Inspiration-Never Compromise Your Truth


Only if

You are true

To who you are

Can you bring

Your very best

To any relationship.

Never compromise

Your truth.

SEEK:  Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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Daily Inspiration-Choose Your Relationships Wisely


A relationship

With one who lives

All about themselves,

At your expense,

Will be forever out of balance.


Is a powerful ingredient

In a toxic association.

Choose your relationships wisely.

SEEK:  Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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Daily Inspiration-Healthy Choices


If you have had

Unhealthy relationship patterns

In your past,

You can choose

To change that


You always have a choice.

Start making healthy ones!

SEEK: Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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Daily Inspiration-Value Yourself!


Never let anyone

Define you.

Relationship can refine

But it should never attempt

To change you

At your core.

If someone wants

To crush who you are,

Walk away.

Value yourself.

SEEK:  Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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Weaving A Tapestry

Weaving a Tapestry

Who Designs the Tapestry

Of Your Life?

I pray that your January is progressing well and that you are staying warm.  With record low temperatures please pray safety for all in our Nation.  So much is happening in the world.  Each day there is news of terrorism and the rise of radical Islam.  Societal morals seem to be careening out of control at break neck speed.  Who can find a trustworthy person?

More and more as society breaks down many Christians follow the ways of the world.  There is a blurred line today between the opinion of man and the … Read the rest

Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day 006

Remember to Celebrate

Your Heavenly Father Every Day!

I wish a most Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere.  To single moms who are carrying the full responsibility of raising your children, know that prayers are with you also for daily encouragement and strength.  Being a parent can be an overwhelming assignment at times.  Never forget that God has entrusted each child to you to lead, guide and protect through adulthood.  This is a sacred role.  It is easy to lose sight of this in the swirl of daily activities and happenings.

Do Not Go It Alone!

Without a firm relationship … Read the rest

How is Your Connection?

electronics 010

The Most Important Connection

Is the One You Have with God!

As we move into October I pray an infusion of awareness of the Lord’s work in each of us and in our lives.  So often in the super-fast paced life of today it is easy to lose sight of God and His presence in each and every aspect of your life.  Obsessions with cell phones, texting, non-stop email, computer games, and countless hours on Facebook are just a few of the technological advances that have really done little to ‘advance’ us as a people.  I am not against technology … Read the rest

Open Doors Begin With Open Hearts

Open heart

To Walk Through God’s Open Door

You Must First Open the Door to Your Heart

We talk about God opening doors and making a way where there is seemingly no way.  We are encouraged throughout Scripture that He does in fact open doors of healing, release and victory in every imaginable situation.  Are you waiting for a door to open?  Have you done all in your own strength to facilitate matters?  Have you long been seeking the Lord for His hand to open a door that can only be opened supernaturally by Him?

Release Opens The Way

Check your heart … Read the rest