Pentecost 2017


Let the Fire Fall!

Today is Pentecost Sunday which commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and followers of Jesus Christ in the Book of Acts.  It comes 50 days after His resurrection and actually coincides with the Jewish Festival of Weeks, Shavuot in Hebrew.  The term Pentecost is derived from the Greek, pentekostos, meaning fifty.

With One Accord

Pentecost represents an open heaven when the Holy Spirit descends upon believers.  It is the celebrated beginning of the church of Jesus Christ on earth.  That beginning was one of unity not division.  In the first two … Read the rest

Daily Inspiration-Do Not Miss The Gift of Today!


Look at each day as a gift:

God’s Infinite Favor Today!

Make the most of the time you are given.

Bring peace to the lives of those around you.

For it is written:

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”


Matthew 5:9

Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused! ©

Remember, it is always a heart issue!





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Daily Inspiration-The Sound of a Beautiful Melody!


While perusing my favorite thrift shop, I came upon a beautiful music box.

It is fine porcelain.

The colors are soft.

They cast a gentle sense of peace.

The music box did not work but I brought it home anyway.

Taking it apart I was thrilled to be able to fix it!

However, when it played before I put the cover back on it; it was so soft it could barely be heard.

I carefully put it back together and tried it again.

A most beautiful sound emanated!

 I could not help but think that we are much like that

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40 Days in the Gap-#Pray for the USA-Election 2016-Day 33-For the Peace of Jerusalem


Day 33

Register and Vote!

Day 33 Prayer

Pray the Word

For Peace in Israel

For the Peace of Jerusalem

Father, we stand in one accord, raised up ‘for such a time as this,’ to war for God’s Kingdom and God’s people.  We come in agreement as we approach the 2016 Presidential Election that we heed Your counsel which stands forever.  Your word says “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)   Father we thank You for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who laid down His life for our … Read the rest

Ever Feel You Are Pushing Yourself “Up the Down Staircase?”

stairs 008

Keep Pressing Upward

The Narrow Path is Life!

People from around the world are coming together today to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  In Esther’s Warriors we commit to pray daily for peace in Israel.  Today hold Jerusalem in your prayers and heart as untold prayers come together for peace.   In this season committed focused prayer is critical.

Going Up or Down?

Do you ever feel you are pressing to go up a steep narrowing staircase while seemingly throngs of others are on their way down to the wider, easier to navigate steps?  Does the climb seem unrelenting with … Read the rest