Is Your Life An Open Book?

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If Your Life Is An Open Book

What Will A Reader Learn?

God blessed me with a most wonderful experience this week that I would like to share with you.  A contractor came to my house to give me an estimate for some work I needed done and in the course of discussing the job he noticed a picture of the Holy Land in my garage.  That picture opened the door to a conversation of how the Lord is moving in each of our lives.  It was a Spirit led discussion that was so uplifting and edifying.  We ended by … Read the rest

Do You Have An Open Heart?

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Keep Your Heart Open

To The New

Have you ever been involved with someone who creates their own reality?  Their rendition of events may bear a semblance of  what took place yet in the final analysis the facts do not reflect what really took place.  Some people can spin a thread of truth into an elaborate self-produced tapestry of misrepresentation. 

What Life Lesson Are You Teaching?

We are called as Christians to be holy as He is holy.  His righteousness should be reflected through us to all we encounter.  We should be living with integrity despite how others may live Read the rest