Daily Inspiration-“Now It Happened…”

Miracles happen in an instant.  Often there is no long lead in, just an instantaneous miraculous moment when all things shift.  Throughout the Bible God’s handiwork is prefaced by, “Now it happened…”

Believe in the ‘now.’  Believe in the possibility of ‘it happened,’ whatever ‘it’ may be in your life.  Your struggle may be health related, relationship centered, financial or employment focused.

Whatever ‘it’ may be for you, know that God is bigger than all you see around you.  He sees your entire situation, far beyond what you can think or imagine.  He sees exactly what you need (not to

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Daily Inspiration-The Possibility


Miracles happen

Every minute

Of every day.

Never underestimate

The possibility of a minute.

Never underestimate

The possibility of a miracle!

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Remember, it is always a heart issue!




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Daily Inspiration-Hold On!


Life can be

A colossal challenge

At times


For a very long season.

Hold on to

Your hope.

Hold fast to the profession of

Your faith.

Miracles happen

Every single day.

Hold on!

Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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Daily Inspiration- Miracles Await!


What is your

Most cherished dream?

What desire

Lies deep in your heart

That you may or may not

Have shared with anyone?

Hold onto it…

No matter how long it has been

Or how unlikely it may seem.

Miracles happen every day.

Yours awaits!

SEEK:  Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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And Now It Begins!

Passover 2016

Passover Heralds In

A New Season!

I pray this finds you well and prospering.  This past Friday began the Passover season for 2016.  Established as an eternal set appointment with God, Passover is considered the beginning of the year.  It falls in the Hebrew month of Nissan which has derivation in the word Nissim which means miracles.  Passover was established for Israel by God to remind them ever of His salvation for them from the Egyptians.  By placing the blood of the lamb over their door posts the angel of death would see it and pass over their house, thus … Read the rest