Daily Inspiration-How Is Your Connection?

People watching at restaurants is one of my favorite pastimes.  What I know is that no one eats alone.  Whether with others at the table or not, cell phones or computers are always present and in use.  I have seen entire meals spent on the phone while a person is sitting with someone.

WOW-when did we as a culture become so disrespectful of one another?  99.9% of what I hear (for some reason folks talk extra loud on their cells) is just chatter.  Turn off the electronics!  Really engage with those around you.

It is no wonder that so many

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Daily Inspiration-Line It Up!

It is the most wonderful time of the year!  Have you noticed that people seem a little friendlier between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  There truly seems to be a “spirit of Christmas.”

This is also a time you can easily overdo.  With frayed nerves, you can live the next month stressed out and miss the real reason for Christmas.  Jesus is the greatest gift that you can give to anyone.  If you keep Him close in your heart and allow His heart of love and compassion to work through you, you will bring His peace to each situation you encounter.


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