Daily Inspiration-The Journey of the Magi Toward the Epiphany

The Journey of the Magi

Toward the Epiphany

In reading Daily Guideposts, 2017, I came across a devotional written by Rick Hamlin.  He was sharing about his family tradition of putting up a crèche.  His son, who “…was always a stickler for detail,” set the family tradition so that the wise men did not get put in the manger until January 6, the Epiphany, when they actually visited the Christ child.  Until that time the wise men were placed on a distant table facing the crèche to represent their journey.  In addition, the baby was not placed in the manger

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A Prayer for ‘Life’ in the New Year!-2017


Speak ‘Life!’

God hears every desire of your heart. Sometimes His answers are so obvious while other times more subtle.  I would like to share one of the most obvious answers to prayer that I have recently encountered.  My neighbor was rushed into emergency surgery.  The situation was tenuous at best.  The day of his surgery I walked around my development praying for him and his family.  The only word that came to me to pray over him was ‘life’ so I just prayed the word ‘life.’

After several laps around I came home and opened my mailbox.  In with … Read the rest

Daily Inspiration-Eternal Certainty In An Uncertain World


We live in such an uncertain world today.

The only certainty

Can be found

In Jesus Christ.

Seek Him

While there is still time.

His salvation

Is eternal.

SEEK:  Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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Be Fabulous Today!

be fabulous today

Make Today

The Best Day of Your Life!

I have this plaque where I can see it every day.  It brings a smile to my face and reminds me to be my very best to those I encounter.  In sharing it with you I pray that you too will be fabulous in your home and to all you meet on each daily journey.

Who Do You Look Like?

In this season especially you are called to shine in an otherwise dark world.  How do you shine?  As a disciple of Jesus Christ your life should look more and more like … Read the rest

Are You ‘Born in the Purple?’

born in the purple

In The Newness Of May

Renew Your Spirit

May the Lord bless you exponentially in this month of May!  Can you believe it is already May 1?  Spring is upon us.  The earth sprouts all things new as trees turn green and flowers pop up through the soil.  Birds chirp merrily and other little critters scurry about.  It surely is a season of new beginnings.  As you open your windows and clear out the clutter that has accumulated take time to reevaluate your spiritual space as well.  Could it be a time to clean out that which no longer serves … Read the rest

Where Will You Be On Friday?



I wish you a blessed Palm Sunday.  This day we commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.   It was a day filled with celebration and hope for the crowds that followed Him.  They all followed Jesus because they believed He was to be their earthly king who would save them from Roman rule.

As the week progressed and He was arrested, tortured and hung on a cross only a few remained.  The original throng believed in Him only on the surface, in the natural, for what they hoped He could do for them.  The remnant believed in … Read the rest

Are Your Gifts Ready?


Do You Have Your Sacred Gifts

Of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh?

Blessings to you as we approach Christmas and commemorate the birth of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.  In this final week of Advent, the theme is peace.  While we press on into the final days of gift buying, gift wrapping, last minute Christmas cards, food preparation, and all the other things we do to prepare for the holiday keep His peace in your heart.   Hold in your heart  (and it is always a heart issue) the true reason for this “Holyday.”

Prepare your heart and spirit to … Read the rest

Arise to Greater Works!

Easter 010

Step Out of Darkness

And into His Light!

I wish you a blessed Resurrection Sunday!  As you gather with family and friends remember the real reason we celebrate today.  Jesus left an empty tomb and rose from the dead.  Rather than an earthly king as some believed, He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  Many view Him as simply a great prophet but no other prophet rose from the dead!  No other prophet is the Son of God.   No other prophet died to open the door to eternal salvation for those who believe in Him.  Only … Read the rest

The Love of Advent

manger 007

The Love of Advent is

Jesus Christ!

 This final week of Advent is represented by love.  The most unconditional, never failing, always present love of Jesus Christ for you blankets not only this week but each and every day of the year. His is such an all-encompassing love that you cannot even understand the height, depth or width of the Savior’s love for you.  It goes beyond the ends of the earth.  It is eternal.

Think about that for a minute.  Let it sink deep into your heart.  It does not matter what is going on around you at this … Read the rest