“For Such a Time as This!” Esther 4:14-Does Electronic Connection Reign First In Your Life?

“For Such a Time as This!”

Esther 4:14

 In this technological age much courtesy has been lost.  People watch TV while talking on the phone, text and talk on cell phones while sharing a meal with someone. Bottom line is that this is extremely rude at a minimum.

It is quite prideful to think that another person’s time has no value.  In essence, when you devalue another’s time you devalue them.  Determine to be respectful of others.

Intentionally listen without texting or answering another call.  Turn off the TV if you are speaking with another.  Be present to the one

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Daily Inspiration-Heard Something Juicy About Someone Else Lately?

Sometimes as you continue to journey with the Lord, He will reveal something to you about someone.  First of all, test the spirit to make sure it is the Holy Spirit and not some divisive spirit just trying to stir things up.  Never forget that the enemy roams around just looking for a way to trip you up and eliminate you from your Kingdom assignment! 

Second, keep the information to yourself.  Do not share it with anyone else to include the person about whom you may have had this revelation.  Most often you are simply to pray for that person.

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