Daily Inspiration-An Upside Down Realm…

Do you ever want something right now?  Tired of waiting?  Often, God’s delay is not His denial.

In this microwave society we can think that if something does not happen in a nano-second God must be saying no.  He may be, but often He is just saying ‘wait.’  He may be working out something in your heart (for it is always a heart issue), the heart of another or in the situation.  He may have something far better in store for you than what you can think or imagine.


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Daily Inspiration-Trust Him Through The Middle!


Sometimes you can pray for someone or something and think that God is not answering your prayers.  Never quit praying.

The answer can lie in God’s timing rather than yours.  The answer could be manifesting in ways you are not envisioning.

God really does know best.  He and He alone sees the heart.  He and He alone sees the end from the beginning.

  Never let thoughts of doubt cloud your vision.

Trust Him through the middle!

For it is written:

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD.  “For as the heavens

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