Daily Inspiration-On Whose Understanding Do You Lean?

How often do you lean on your own understanding of a given situation in your life?  You think you see all the facts, all the players and ultimately the best solution.  We only see in part.   Actually, we see only a very, very small part.

If you truly follow Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life you will learn along the way that to wait for His direction is always the best course of action to take.  At times, that course of “action” means seemingly no “action.”

It can be very frustrating in the natural to wait as we

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Daily Inspiration-Sometimes His Answer Is-“Wait!”

Sometimes in life, things are so pressing that you lose your sense of humor about everything.  Being able to laugh in the face of adversity is truly a gift.  We all have moments that we lose our focus and joie de vivre.  Just do not park there and take up permanent residence.

God is able to restore.  God is able to heal.  God is able to renew.

Be open to His lead and direction. In this microwave time we live in, it is easy to want everything in an instant.  What we want and what we truly need are often

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