Love is the Greatest Gift of All on Valentine’s Day & Everyday!


What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You?

Today throughout the world many celebrate Valentine’s Day.   Setting aside a special time to appreciate those we love is certainly important.  Sadly, it has become a day with such commercial focus.  Just remember, we are called to love one another on a daily basis.  Celebrate those you love.  Do not limit your expressions of love to just a few commercial holidays.  Family and friends are a blessing to be cared for and honored each and every day.

How Did It All Begin?

Have you ever wondered how Valentine’s Day came into being?  It … Read the rest

Daily Inspiration-Life More Abundant!

Cardinal Inspiration

Toxic emotions-

Anger, bitterness, resentment, worry-

Will corrode your heart

And erode your life.

Live toxin free!

God bless your day!

SEEK: Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!

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The True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Hearts

What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You?

Blessings as we progress together through February.  I pray you are strengthening your trust in Him and what He has for you.  This coming Saturday is Valentine’s Day. Sadly, it has become a day with such commercial focus.   Setting aside a special time to appreciate those we love is certainly important.  However, we are called to love one another on a daily basis.  Do not  limit your celebration of those in your life to just a few commercial holidays.

How Did It All Begin?

Have you ever wondered how Valentine’s Day came into … Read the rest

#Pray for America-The Dawn of a New Day!

New Day

 Let God Direct You This Month

To All Things New!

As you stand on the threshold of this New Year which is bright with promise and all things new, take this first month and offer it to the Lord.  This month represents the first fruits of this year.  The time and the purpose you commit these 31 days will set the tone for your year.  The seeds you plant will manifest throughout the year in fruitful harvest if you plant unto the Lord this month.  Commit to establish or re-establish your quiet time with Him.  After the flurry of Christmas … Read the rest

Is It Time To Clean Your Temple?

Clean Your Temple

What Is Going On

In Your Temple?

We are all familiar with the story of Jesus cleansing the temple of the money changers. Jesus went into the actual temple of His day to cleanse it of all that had been allowed to enter and defile it.  As we are now the temple of the Holy Spirit we are also responsible to ensure that we remain cleansed of anything that may defile God’s house.

Whose Business Are You About?

First, He drove out those who bought and sold.  What do you buy and sell in your temple?  Do you merchandise the … Read the rest

What Does Your Harvest Look Like?


Is Your Harvest

Positively Plentiful or Woefully Deplete?

In this season of harvest you can find a plethora of colorful flowers and produce yielding wonderful additions to your home and table.  What was planted months ago and faithfully tended to has come forth in richness of color and the fullness of God’s design.  What a blessed season to partake visually and physically of the bounty of harvest.

I could not help but think what is the harvest of your heart?  Make no mistake; what you plant in your heart will produce a harvest.  It is a personal choice with each … Read the rest

Refresh Your Heart!


Spring is the Perfect Time

To Refresh and Start Anew!

As flowers bloom this spring they seem just a bit more vibrant after such a cold winter for most of us.  The colors add such variety and beauty.  It seems that each day something else is bursting forth with new life!  This is the perfect time to allow new life to abound in your heart.

It Is Always a Heart Issue!

I took this picture of some hyacinth in my garden and did not notice the shape it had taken until I came in and looked at the pictures.  Look … Read the rest

How Committed Are You?


Count the Cost of Commitment…

What Are You Willing to Pay?

You hear a lot these days about meditation and affirmations to calm yourself from the stresses of the world.  If only you would meditate a set amount of time each day.  If only you would affirm yourself with encouraging statements.  Naturally it is good to step out of the daily flow of life for a time each day.  Naturally it is good to keep supportive proclamations before your eyes.

How Would You Rate Your Faithfulness?

As a Christian what can you do to walk a more peaceful path on … Read the rest

Pride Divides

vday card 001

Are Your Relationships Split by Pride

Or United Through Humility?

Spring officially arrives this week and for most of the country the absence of named winter storms will be a pleasant change.  This has been the worst winter on record for a very long time. Most will not be sad to see it leave.  Some seasons are clearly more challenging than others in the natural as well as in the spiritual.  Just think about your own life and all that God has walked you through.  Were there not times you felt in the midst of a major storm?  Did you … Read the rest