Daily Inspiration-It Is Never Too Late To Start Fresh!


Never let today’s struggle


The final chapter

In your life story.

Turn the page

And write

With new focus and direction.

It is never too late

To start fresh!

SEEK:  Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!  ©

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Is Your Vision Clear or Cloudy?

vision 2

Stay Focused on the Things of God

Not on Things of the World!

Greetings as we enter the last week of October, 2013!  Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in a whirlwind of gatherings with friends and family.  Sadly, this season can become one of extreme materialism and acquisition fatigue.  Set your sights now to stay focused on what is important to safeguard yourself in the next few months.

Which Window Do You See Through?

I am preparing to have new replacement windows put in my home tomorrow.   I looked at the window pictured above and could not … Read the rest

See With Faith

what do you see

How Do You See Life?

As An Uphill Climb or With Wings of Faith!

A woman at my yard sale was telling me she just wanted to live after dealing with a health issue.  She wanted her old life back and did not want to incorporate changes that would make and keep her well.  As she kept saying that she just wanted to live, I could not help but ask her if she was alive right now.  She was stunned and after a little thought said yes she was.  I suggested that she focus on the life she does have … Read the rest

Are You Conditioned By Your Condition?

Conditioned (2)

Keep Your Vision

Enlarge Your Focus

Greetings on this first Sunday in June!  This month will be filled with weddings, graduations and many family gatherings.  May God bless you with good times as you create wonderful memories to cherish.  Look for the joy in each situation for it is always there though sometimes it may not be as evident as others.

An Early Morning Saga

The other morning I let my dog out into the back yard and he started barking which is unusual for him at 6:30 a.m.  In looking at what had his attention I found a small … Read the rest