God’s Word Trumps the Voluminous Doctrine of Man!

 At a Christmas gathering someone asked me if I thought that the Pastor’s speaking ability was what would lead me to go to a given church.  My response was that it matters not where you sit on Sunday but rather where you sit daily.  A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what should lead you.  Sitting at His feet daily and choosing to let Him lead you is the key.  Then, wherever you may go on Sunday Christ is with you and in that place.

Of course a Spirit lead church leadership is critical, especially in these times.   A solid

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Daily Inspiration-How Is Your Thought Pattern?

Do you ever find yourself in a situation that leads you to spiral down a negative path in your mind?  Do your thoughts swirl so swiftly that you can relate to the term, “head spinning?”  You may even find yourself directing all your undesirable energy toward a person whom you feel to be responsible for the situation or irresponsible in their part in it.  Often, this can lead to full blown anxiety.

Does any of this sound familiar?  I know that I can quite easily go down a path of rumination at such a rapid pace that I am not

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Daily Inspiration-Choose Wisely Before You Engage!

Do not step into battles you are not meant to fight.  For in so doing you can be taken out if wounded in those superfluous battles.  Choose wisely before you engage.  There are some battles you are called to but certainly not every single skirmish that presents itself.

Walk away from all disruptive spirits and situations to which you are not called.  For with each such encounter you lose a piece of yourself.  Your joy and peace are chipped away.  Your heart corrodes (for it is always a heart issue) while doing little to theirs for that is where they

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