Daily Inspiration-Do You Live In Uncertainty?

Do you live in uncertainty?  Uncertainty can stop or at least slow your momentum toward breakthrough.  Uncertainty can become a setback.

The level or depth of setback is directly correlated to the extent you let the uncertainty lead you.  Do you simply question whether or not God can set your situation right?  Or, do you go down the trail to despair?  Do you fully give up, looking only at what you see around you?  Or, do you simply park in your situation and complain about it and everyone around you?  Think about it.  This is where faith and trust come

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Daily Inspiration-Esteem Others…

Some people go through life not considering the impact that their words and actions have on those around them.  They do and say whatever works for them at the moment with little regard for others.  In their mind they are righteous, yet they can leave a trail of devastation behind them.

Do not be that person!  Consider your words.  Put the needs of others above your own.  Show compassion.  It is not about what you may perceive has been done to you.  It is every bit about how you respond and what you carry in your heart.  It is after

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Daily Inspiration-The Choice is Yours!

In reading 2 Corinthians today about Paul’s thorn in the flesh some things occurred to me. Much speculation has been made over the centuries about what his thorn may have been but all you really need to know is that something challenged him ‘in the flesh’ that God did not remove.  He asked God to take it  away three times.  I often marveled that he only asked three times.  How often do you ask for a challenge to be removed from your life?  I know I certainly exceed the three time pattern or request concerning the challenges in my life!

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Daily Inspiration-What Do You Harbor?

Never underestimate what someone else carries.  You only see an infinitesimal snapshot of what is their life and what are their challenges.  Plus, you see what you see through your own filter which is skewed by your own life experiences.

It is always a heart issue.  What do you harbor deep in the recesses of your heart?  What is in your heart will determine how you perceive your world and the world of another.  If you harbor bitterness, rejection, anger, unforgiveness and the like, you will see all things through a negative lens.  You will operate from a place of

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Daily Inspiration-Heard Something Juicy About Someone Else Lately?

Sometimes as you continue to journey with the Lord, He will reveal something to you about someone.  First of all, test the spirit to make sure it is the Holy Spirit and not some divisive spirit just trying to stir things up.  Never forget that the enemy roams around just looking for a way to trip you up and eliminate you from your Kingdom assignment! 

Second, keep the information to yourself.  Do not share it with anyone else to include the person about whom you may have had this revelation.  Most often you are simply to pray for that person.

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Daily Inspiration-We Could All Use More Order!

A young man told me not so long ago that he could be angry with God for his situation.  However, he went on to say that he took full responsibility as his choices had clearly led him there.

It is so rare that I ever hear anyone take personal responsibility for anything these days.  Blaming everyone else, to include God, is more the norm.  Never looking at how their actions and choices may have led them to where they are is sadly more common place.  It appears easier to attack everyone else’s character, life situation, etc. as the reason for

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Daily Inspiration-Love Covers a Multitude of Sins!

Life changes on a dime.  People come and go in and out of your life.  Some are like family and their loss is deeply felt.

Cherish those good people in your life today whether right next door or at a distance.   Call and let them know you appreciate them.  Such people are truly a gift.

For it is written:

“Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.”

1 Peter 4:8

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Remember, it is always a heart issue!

“Yet who knows whether you have come

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Daily Inspiration-How Do You See Your Life?

How do you see your life-intrinsically good or bad?  Are you a victim?  Do you overthink things? I know I do at times.

In the end, God is in control.  You can decide to do it your way but I have found that does not always end well.  Rather than looking at all that may be wrong, start focusing on all that may be right in your life.

Live by God’s moral code.  Be thankful.  Stop complaining and ruminating about things you cannot change.  Change the things you can beginning with your focus and attitude!

For it is written:


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Daily Inspiration-We Are All In This Together!

Dear Warriors,

Praying this finds you well and prospering. Want to give you an update on where the Lord is taking Esther’s Warriors Ministry. Your commitment to prayer brings much fruit! Never think that the Lord does not hear each and every prayer.

We are in times of great trial but we are triumphant in Him! Faint not for this truly is our season. Esther’s is now connected to other ministries throughout the world. Many are ministries dedicated to caring for orphans in war torn, disease ridden countries.

I share with you today a picture of little Mathew who lives

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Short Takes…


Dear Warriors,

For those of you who are not on certain Social Media sites, I publish short takes every day.   Below are the takes for August.  I pray they bless you  and keep you striving toward a full Kingdom walk ‘for such a time as this!’

Have a blessed Labor Day!


August 2017

There is an open heaven over some people right now. Walk in it!

Consider your choices wisely for out of them will unfold the rest of your life.

There is power in the simplicity of kindness, however small it may appear. For the recipient it could

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