Daily Inspiration-Who Limits You?

Do not limit yourself within the confines of what you may know to be comfortable.  Often a comfort zone is anything but comfortable in the end.  Sometimes a new horizon can shift you into an expanded, wider place.  Do not limit yourself and do not let anyone else limit you.

I am not saying to forsake responsibilities.  What I am saying is to reevaluate your life and if you know you are called to more, then pursue that. To remain in the narrow confines of your own or someone else’s limitations is to severely diminish your life potential.

We are

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Daily Inspiration-A Time for Change!


A time for change


When you no longer have comfort

Even in your comfort zone.

Check your heart.

 Do what you must to make changes.

Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused! ©

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What Is Your Comfort Zone?

Comfort Zone

Are You Living In Your Comfort Zone Now?

Have You Ever?

What is your comfort zone?  It is when you feel secure, at ease, relaxed.  What constitutes a comfort zone for you may be very different from what another may consider their comfort zone.  In any event, when settled into your comfort zone, change can be disruptive to your harmonious situation.

You Are Not Alone

Life is all about change.  Some changes are more drastic than others but all life changes and all change is a part of life.  A great acronym for change is Christ Has ARead the rest