God’s Word Trumps the Voluminous Doctrine of Man!

 At a Christmas gathering someone asked me if I thought that the Pastor’s speaking ability was what would lead me to go to a given church.  My response was that it matters not where you sit on Sunday but rather where you sit daily.  A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what should lead you.  Sitting at His feet daily and choosing to let Him lead you is the key.  Then, wherever you may go on Sunday Christ is with you and in that place.

Of course a Spirit lead church leadership is critical, especially in these times.   A solid

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Daily Inspiration- Are You the Unscripture?


Did you ever think about the written Word?  The writing itself is black but the background which reflects it is white.

“The black is holy; so too is the white.  Without it, you wouldn’t see the black of the ink, there would be nothing with which to contrast it, nothing to delineate it.  Without the white, you wouldn’t see the Word of God.  The white is the unscripture of God…Your life is the sacred white upon which His Word appears, the holy parchment that bears and manifests the eternal script.  Therefore, the key is to join your life, your heart,

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