Short Takes…


Dear Prayer Warriors,

For those of you who are not on certain Social Media sites, I publish “Short Takes” every day.   Below are the takes for last week.  Also are included links to short posts “From the Archives of Esther’s Warriors Ministry.”   I pray they bless you  and keep you striving toward a full Kingdom walk ‘for such a time as this!’

God Bless,


~Does your life consist of continual drama?  ~ Check the choices you are making.

~Use discernment re who you let close to you.  ~Not all have your best interest at heart.

~Don’t let the toxic behaviors of others change you.  ~Stay clear of engaging in their repertoire!   

~Limit electronic use.  ~Put people first.  ~Super charge your life with relationships!

~Do not let someone else’s negative view mar your vision.  ~Stay positive!

~God is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow.  ~Jesus heals yesterday, today & tomorrow.  ~Believe without doubt!   A Halloween message   Although geared toward the 2016 election, the overall message is still quite relevant today for God’s “chosen.” Please take time to pray in agreement for the time we are in now.

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Remember, it is always a heart issue!

For it is written:

“Yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?”

Esther 4:14