Know Our Enemy-National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2015

Service to God and Country

“A Day That Will Live In Infamy”

Today is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  In 1941 the Japanese attacked the U.S. naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  This was the deadliest foreign attack on U.S. soil until 9/11/01.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt swiftly called it, “a day that will live in infamy,” as he called on Congress to declare war on Japan. 

Let’s Name Our Enemy:Radical Islamic Ideology

This past week two Islamic terrorists killed 14 and wounded 21 on American soil in San Bernardino, California.  What took place in California is not a gun issue.  The issue is the ideology of radical Islam that seeks to terrorize and kill anyone who does not follow their thinking.  It is an ideology that has been allowed to come into our country and grow.  

This President tells us to be inclusive of Muslims yet he remains restrictive of Christians in rhetoric and policy.  Failing to call Islamic terrorism what it is over his term in office has resulted in more overt attacks on our people and an influx of those who wish our demise.

Yes, Pray Without Ceasing

On this National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day let us remember those who sacrificed their lives at Pearl Harbor, in World War II and in all wars on foreign soil.  Men and women throughout our history have fought to keep us free.  Remember those who are now serving to keep us free.

The NY Daily News headline on 12/3/15 read, “God Isn’t Fixing This,” in response to calls to pray for the families and friends of those killed or wounded.    Yes, pray for all who have served.  Pray for their families and friends.  Pray for those viciously murdered by Islamic terrorists.  Pray that Christians and godly leaders will rise up ‘for such a time as this’ to stand for our Nation. 

This is still our country and this country was founded on Christian principles despite whatever rhetoric we are now hearing from Washington. For those who come to live here, know that.  If our Christian roots and Constitutional law offend you then this is not the country for you.  We will pray you find your place in this world but if you do not like our country, our values, our freedoms and our laws, then again, this is not the place for you. America-Love It or Leave It!

God bless us all and God bless the United States of America and keep her safe!

God bless your day! 

SEEK:  Stay Equipped, Empowered, Kingdom focused!