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Our Land Heals As Each Of Us Heal

And I Will Heal Their Land is a book for such  a time as this. Not only does our nation, our land, need  healing, but so does the landscape of each of our  individual hearts. Healing as individuals enables us to  heal corporately and rise up in this time to come forth victorious. There is much to be done and much to be undone  to go forward. This book leads you swiftly and  artfully through seven essential areas of necessary change  within the body of Christ to raise up a bride fitting for  His return.

Written from a Kingdom perspective And I Will Heal Their Land rises above the rules of religion to a place of empowerment through relationship with the King of kings. We have long let religion tell us who we are and what we are to believe. Jesus died to set us free and this book addresses seven major areas of focus that can lead one to that freedom in Him. Now is the time to arise equipped and empowered both as individuals and as a nation to be free for such a time as this.

Each chapter comes alive with vital  shifts in perception and action that, if embraced, can  result in a church equipped and anointed to pursue the call  of destiny. We are in a time pregnant with possibility. Our  potential is only limited by our vision or lack thereof.  Now is the time to hear what the Spirit of the Lord would  say. Now is the time to hear the clarion call to arise from  our low place and stand to go forward in victory.

You will find your heart call within these pages—a  call for change, a call for hope, a call for propelling  forward. For anyone who has become disillusioned with  religion, … And I Will Heal Their Land opens the  heart (and it is always a heart issue) to the reality of a  deeper relationship with God by living His way. This book  is insightful, sprinkled with humor, and filled with real  life examples. You are sure to emerge from time spent  within these pages with provision. This is a read for young  and old alike, the seasoned and those just dipping their  toes in the water for the first time. As we wash in the  water of the Word, we come forth refreshed.

A portion of the sale proceeds from this book  go to the Wounded Warrior Project to help military personnel.  These brave men and women have made great sacrifices to keep our country free.  Wounded Warrior “provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life.” (quote taken from Wounded Warrior website)


Dr. Michele Marie Burke Delivers Encouraging Spiritual Advice.

New book guides readers to find balance in their lives amid a

tumultuous world.

Bloomington, IN (PRWEB) March 03, 2012

 shone from the shores of America is quickly fading. In a recent New York Times column – “Decline of American Exceptionalism” – Charles M. Blow writes, “Are we ‘chosen by God and commissioned by history to be a model to the world’ as George W. Bush said? This year, for the first time, most Americans did not say yes.” Dr. Michele Marie Burke’s new Christian non-fiction book, “…And I Will Heal Their Land”(published by WestBow Press), offers readers some much-needed encouragement and inspiration in these trying times.

Burke finds quite a bit to be concerned about with the state of the nation. She says, “We have lost even the semblance of order in our nation in a very short number of years.” With her new book, she seeks to offer Christian solutions to the problems plaguing many in the United States today.

“Now is the time to arise equipped and empowered to return to a godly order within our shores, to once again dedicate our land to the Christian principles on which it was founded,” says Burke. “Now is the time to humbly repent, turn from our wicked ways, pray, and seek His face that He will hear from heaven and heal our land before it is too late.”

Suggesting ways to allow readers to transform their lives, Burke never sways too far into the realm of religion. She values faith and personal relationship with God first and foremost, from which all else flows. Her advice centers on helping readers balance their lives-spiritually, physically and emotionally in the midst of a fast-paced world. As Burke says, “This book is a back to basics Christ-centered training manual for today’s spiritual and political climate.”

About the Author:  Dr. Michele Marie Burke holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Theology and leads Esther’s Warriors Ministry comprised of men and women praying for ‘such a time as this.’  Mentoring, teaching and coaching people, she works across denominational lines to encourage a spirit of unity in the body of Christ.  Burke lives in upstate New York with her Brussels Griffon, Benjamin.

 Some Book Reviews

Ratings and Reviews on Goodreadshttp://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13025740-and-i-will-heal-their-land

Kari rated it 4 of 5 stars false

Shelves: first-reads
What a great book. It’s a very inspirational read. I received this book from Goodreads first reads on October 31.
Rick S rated it 5 of 5 stars false

Rachel Padgett        rated it        5 Stars

          Shelves:              first-reads

This book was amazingly eye opening, as well as heart opening. I feel this is a book many should take the time to read. It calls on us to take a stand and live as God had taught us. Though it may seem an old concept, Dr. Burke is able to send out this message in a new and enlightening way.

Ilona Mustafin        rated it        5 Stars
I enjoyed reading And I Will Heal Their Land. This topic isn’t new to me and yet I’ve picked up a few new perspectives. Listening to your heart is a large point in this book. Healing is what many of us need. This is a spiritual book and a good one.
Dats        rated it        5 Stars
I thought this was an excellent book.  I won it through Good Reads.  It gave me hope for the future.  How we need to proceed to change the things that need changed.  Everyone should read this.

Toni         rated it        5 Stars

Loved this book, such an important message for us all! It’s powerful, eye-opening, encouraging, and a call to action that is spirit-stirring! The chapters are so big and power-packed with information that it nearly knocks the wind out of you, and I had to take a break after each chapter to really meditate on this stuff, and also to recoup! But that’s a good thing! I’ll probably read this book again and again, and I wish I could give one to everyone I know!
Deborah Galiley      rated it        5 Stars

Mary‘s review      4 Stars

Wow, this book is just what God’s people need- a call to figure out what we’ve been doing wrong, and a nudge to do what we need to do to serve the Lord.  I am so glad to have read this.  It took me a couple months, as I took it seriously, marking the book like a text book.  I would recommend it to anyone who says they follow Jesus, and certainly to church leaders.

Some Reviews on Squidoo Book Review http://www.squidoo.com/and-i-will-heal-their-land2

O  Scott:  Very well done and right on point with the times. Impressive review.

O  Lou:  I like the review. Praying that many, many people read your book and get started doing what needs to be done to get our country back on that rightous path.
O  Loren:  Review is Uplifting and Hopeful! “An elixir to what ails you”(spiritually, emotionally, physically,etc…) especially in these times!

Amazon Review:  Hope and Healing for Our Hurting World

Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified  Purchase
With so many biblical prophecies being fulfilled before our  eyes, we believers focus on the Lord’ promise that if we will humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways, He will hear from heaven and heal our  land. Dr. Burke interprets that promise with insight insisting that we need  changed hearts that are conditioned to understand and obey the scriptures. She  focuses on the necessity of spending time reading, studying and absorbing the  Bible. She addresses the need to give generously to the work of the Lord,  beginning with the tithe. She explains how to bring our negative and unforgiving  thoughts into captivity and get rid of hearts of stone. She stresses the  importance of much prayer if we are to lead a contented victorious life.
In her most innovative chapter we read how Jesus cleansed the temple of the things  that defiled it. She points out areas where we have allowed harmful habits to  master us and destroy our bodies which are, in truth, temples of the Holy  Spirit. We overindulge in food and we neglect to exercise. We do not observe a  day of rest. We harbor bitterness, unforgiveness, resentment and unresolved  family issues. Renewal can come if we focus on Him, seek Him and His way in all  aspects of our lives and make our bodies houses of prayer as He  intended.
Quoting scripture as well as contemporary, respected men of God,  Dr. Burke writes in a practical vein easily understood by the man in the pew.
She maintains that much of the disorder in our world is due to the neglect of  the church to disciple new believers through the generations. Faith without a  foundation doesn’t have holding power. The disillusioned have left the church en  masse and turned to other things to fulfill their innermost needs.
Readers  are counseled to be like Esther and risk whatever we must to reinstate the  biblical teachings that have been discarded. We must “stand on the front lines  and take by the force of Spirit-filled prayer the ground that belongs to the  Kingdom of God.” Now is the time. Now is the season. We are the people called to  do it. The final chapter shows us how to “bring back the Kingdom.” The  scriptures, thoughts and directives in this practical guide to living for the  Lord, will enable us to do what the Lord requires so He will heal our land.