Daily Inspiration-We Are All In This Together!

Dear Warriors,

Praying this finds you well and prospering. Want to give you an update on where the Lord is taking Esther’s Warriors Ministry. Your commitment to prayer brings much fruit! Never think that the Lord does not hear each and every prayer.

We are in times of great trial but we are triumphant in Him! Faint not for this truly is our season. Esther’s is now connected to other ministries throughout the world. Many are ministries dedicated to caring for orphans in war torn, disease ridden countries.

I share with you today a picture of little Mathew who lives in Africa. He was rushed to the hospital several days ago with complications of sickle cell anemia and AIDS. Sadly, his story is not a rare one.  I humbly ask that you keep little Mathew in your prayers as well as all throughout the world who are laboring for the Lord.

It is so humbling to communicate with the dedicated men and women across the globe who are working tirelessly to bring the Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven. I receive many messages that they are diligently praying for us in the United States of America. Let us be just as diligent to pray for them.

For, this is the body of Christ. It is not a building you visit on Sunday. It is all of us comprised of every color, living in every country. God has blessed us here exponentially. When I hear daily of starvation, lack of shoes and clothing, inconsistent shelter, disease ridden water supplies and more, I am so humbled.

Once again, please pray for all of our brothers and sisters worldwide as we are all in this together with eternal implications ‘for such a time as this!’ Thank you again for your prayers for they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

For it is written:

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

1 Corinthians 12:27

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Remember, it is always a heart issue!

“Yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?”

Esther 4:14