Daily Inspiration-The Sound of a Beautiful Melody!


While perusing my favorite thrift shop, I came upon a beautiful music box.

It is fine porcelain.

The colors are soft.

They cast a gentle sense of peace.

The music box did not work but I brought it home anyway.

Taking it apart I was thrilled to be able to fix it!

However, when it played before I put the cover back on it; it was so soft it could barely be heard.

I carefully put it back together and tried it again.

A most beautiful sound emanated!

 I could not help but think that we are much like that little music box.

On our own we produce little.

However, under His cover and direction, our persona becomes softened.

We emanate peace to those around us.

Our life becomes a beautiful melody.

For it is written:

“Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”


Matthew 7:20

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