The Greatest Love the World Has Ever Known!


The Love of Advent Is

Jesus Christ!

This final week of Advent is represented by love.  The most unconditional, never failing, always present love of Jesus Christ for you blankets not only this week but each and every day of the year. His is such an all-encompassing love that you cannot even understand the height, depth or width of the Savior’s love for you.  It goes beyond the ends of the earth.  It is eternal.

Think about that for a minute.  Let it sink deep into your heart.  It does not matter what is going on around you at this

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The Joy of Advent!

Walk in His Joy

Minute by Minute!

Here we are in the third week of Advent already!  I pray that amidst the preparations for Christmas you are staying focused on the real ‘reason for the season.’  May this phrase never become a cliché that is spoken in haste without a real understanding and depth of awareness of Jesus Christ this season and always.  May He reign in your heart and bring immeasurable joy minute by minute into your life.

Joy is the focus of this third week of Advent.  Joy is a feeling of great happiness.  Joy is exhilarating.  Joy

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The Hope of Advent


Hold Onto the Prince of Peace Evermore

I wish you a most blessed second week of Advent!  Last week’s theme was peace.  I pray you are successful in ‘being the peace’ in your world.  It is not always easy but with intention you can live in the peace Jesus died to give you.  Live with purpose seeking first the Kingdom of God and all will be added unto you.  Keep His peace in your heart (for it is always a heart issue) throughout the year and it will emanate to those around you.

What is Your Hope?

This week

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Advent Begins!

Walk Through Advent

With Peace, Hope, Joy and Love!

This week marks the beginning of the Advent season.  Derived from the Latin word adventus which means coming, the next weeks are spent in anticipation of commemoration of the birth of the Messiah.  As Christians we also wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ to earth.  As we await Christmas and His second coming we have an opportunity especially in this Advent season to ‘start again’ as His mercies are new every morning.

Three Steps to Walk Lighter This Month:

The weeks before Christmas in our society can be wrought

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Are Your Gifts Ready?


Do You Have Your Sacred Gifts

Of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh?

Blessings to you as we approach Christmas and commemorate the birth of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.  In this final week of Advent, the theme is peace.  While we press on into the final days of gift buying, gift wrapping, last minute Christmas cards, food preparation, and all the other things we do to prepare for the holiday keep His peace in your heart.   Hold in your heart  (and it is always a heart issue) the true reason for this “Holyday.”

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