Life is challenging to say the least and in these times we as Americans face many issues that tax our lives. I have spent the last seven years of my life researching and praying that each of us will be healed and able to come together with the grace of God to heal our land. …And I Will Heal Their Land is a book written to encourage, inspire, lead and direct you to reach the fullness of destiny in life.         

     Written from a Kingdom perspective this book rises above the rules and mere drudgery of religion to a place of empowerment through relationship with the King of kings and the Lord of lords. We are in a time as never before in history both in the world and in the body of Christ. Our United States of America is threatened by terrorism on our very shores and within our very hearts. Until we overcome the terrorist mentality which resides in each and every heart and let the grace of God heal our wounded places we will remain individually crippled and corporately impotent to go forward in this season with the power and authority Jesus died to give us.

      We have long let religion tell us who we are, what we believe, and set unnecessary parameters that have kept us bound. Jesus died to set us free and this book addresses seven major areas of focus that can lead one to that freedom in Him. God is a God of order, not legalism, but order. We have lost even the semblance of order in our nation in a very short number of years. Now is the time to arise equipped and empowered to return to a godly order within our shores, to once again dedicate our land to the Christian principles on which it was founded. Now is the time to humbly repent, turn from our wicked ways, pray, seek His face and may He hear from heaven and heal our land before it is too late.

     Incorporated within the final pages of …And I Will Heal Their Land is a call to prayer to join countless others across denominational lines, in and out of the walls of church who go before the King daily: to pray for revival and reformation across denominational lines, to intercede for our nation, the body of Christ, the youth, for peace in Israel, for spiritual victory over radical Islam and the revolutionary Muslim community, to cover each other in prayer for our families, our finances, health and ministries, for discernment and wisdom in the way we should go and the words we should speak and for a fresh, increased anointing-a double portion for each of us to go forward in the Lord. I pray you will join us in Esther’s Warriors Ministry for such a time as this!

In God We Trust!!!

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