A Holy Convocation


I pray this finds you well and looking forward to spring.  For many across our Nation this has been a week of devastating tornadoes.  Please remember throughout the coming months to keep all affected in prayer for safety, healing, recovery and strength during such overwhelming loss.   We have been experiencing unusual and severe weather occurrences in our country which only serve to highlight the need for continual fervent intercession for this United States of America.  Thank you for your faithfulness to pray God’s cover over our land.

Reading a little out of the Old Testament and New Testament this morning I was struck by a connection that I had not made before.  In the Book of Numbers, verse 28, there is mention numerous times of ‘a holy convocation’ relative to feasts established by God for Israel.   These references signify a period when the people gather to honor, worship and make offerings unto the Lord.   During the ‘holy convocation’ there was to be ‘no customary work’ done.  It was simply a time set aside to meet the Lord.

As I read each citing of ‘a holy convocation’ I could not help but wonder if we in our fast paced world take the time to cease what is our ‘customary work.’   Do we set aside consecrated time to be in ‘a [personal] holy convocation’ with our Lord and Savior?  Or, conversely, are we so enmeshed in our life or even in our works that we have stepped away from our sacred time with Him?

Although convocation most often implies a large formal meeting I believe the most important meeting we can ever have is one on one with Him.  We need not wait for a large gathering to hear from Him.  In Matthew 18:20 Jesus says, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”  Sometimes the only two gathered in His name are you and Him.  I believe this is the utmost ‘holy convocation.’  There have been times in my life that I walked with Him alone without the benefit of prayer partners or formal assembly.   These times are some of the most consecrated times of my life.

Too often in our society we think that if we are not present with the crowd, ‘doing’ what the crowd deems normal or necessary we are lacking in some way.  I am not saying we should forsake service and joining with others but I am saying that we must never lose sight of who we are in Him.  It is easy to judge ourselves based on what someone else says rather than view who we are based on what He says about us!  We are each uniquely and wonderfully made by Him with giftings and talents for which He has a perfect plan in His perfect timing.

Do you sit today wondering what it is all about, asking yourself, ‘is this all there is?’  If so, stop now.  Make a space for ‘a holy convocation’ that will bring you into the place where all things are possible.   In Mark 9:9, after the transfiguration of Jesus, He says, “Assuredly, I say to you that there are some standing here who will not taste death till they see the kingdom of God present with power.”  As His followers, if we remain standing and do not let discouragement trip us, we will see ‘the kingdom of God present [emphasis mine] with power’ in our lives on this earth!

In verse 23 Jesus says to the father of an afflicted child, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”   The father replied in verse 24, “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!”  May the Lord help each of us in our unbelief to arise and know that all things are possible because we do believe!  Jesus said, “If you can [emphasis mine] believe….”  As with much in our life it is a choice to believe or not to believe.  My prayer is that you believe and immediately cancel out any other errant thought that would negate that belief in Jesus’ name.

Please join us this week as we ‘pray the states’ toward the 2012 Presidential election.  This week please cover South Carolina, admitted to the Union May 23, 1788, in prayer.  We are praying for each state in the order of admission to the Union.  Pray for wisdom and discernment for the political leaders, pastors and church leaders, the people residing in South Carolina and for all in our Nation.  These are our United States.  Let us pray that we will arise united ‘for such a time as this!’  Please repost and share.

Each state is important in forming our United States of America.  We commit to pray for a different state each week so we not only provide a prayer cover but also to make us aware that our country is bigger than the space we personally occupy in it.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness to pray.  Keep our servicemen and women and their families in prayer for salvation and safety.  They are our front line of defense in the natural.  Let us be their front line of defense in the spirit.  May God richly bless you this week.